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Sixty Percent of Baby Boomers Do Not Have Enough to Retire


Nearly three in five baby boomers face a financial bust in retirement if the current economic climate persists, according to a study cited in a recent article by the Wall Street Journal.

“Early” baby boomers, aged 56 to 62, have a 47 percent chance of not having enough money to pay basic retirement costs, according to the Employee Benefit Research Institute. “Late” boomers, aged 46 to 55, as well as workers currently aged 29 to 45, have about a 45 percent chance of running short, the study noted.

Baby boomers, who make up around 78 million or 25 percent of the total spenders in the U.S., are among the Americans who have had their nest eggs slashed by 18 percent or an average of $171,000 per person since the end of 2007, according to the WSJ.

A study released earlier this month by the Century Foundation showed that declining housing values, weak investment markets and scarce opportunities for employment will all force baby boomers to tighten their belts in their old age. “In 2008 alone, housing prices dropped an average of 33 percent, greatly depleting the wealth of the majority of baby boomers, who have relatively little savings beyond what they have invested in their home. Concurrently, the 40 percent drop in equity markets in 2008 had a devastating affect on higher net worth baby boomers, for whom stock ownership is the predominant form of wealth,” the report noted.

The cutbacks would put an additional drag on retirees’ already weak consumer spending — people aged 65 to 74 spent 12.3 percent less in 2008 than they did ten years earlier, says the WSJ. In 2007, the consulting firm McKinsey estimated that baby boomers control nearly 40 percent of U.S. consumer spending.

Huffington Post  August 16/10

Boomers Business- New Tools

Home Based Business Assistance

So many individuals have found the NEED to work from home either as a full time source of income or to supplement a full time job or business. Technology has fueled the growth in this sector as the tools to efficiently operate a business from home are widely accessible and generally affordable.

With the rapid change in technology comes the need for TRAINING. Whether you have been out of the work force for several years or a seasoned professional, admit it…there’s always something you stumble upon online that you simply don’t get! Then there are those repetitive tasks which you know you can shortcut but don’t know how.

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We Promote Health And Building Wealth

THE 40+ And Living Well is geared toward one of the fastest growing segments of the American population people 40 years old and older. At this stage in our lives, we desire to live a life with sustained health, well being and wealth. We also look to lead lives that still matter.

At 20 years old, we bought into the American Dream of getting a good job, working it until we retire at the age of 65, then living well off of the monies we saved through our IRAs and 401Ks with possible decades of life ahead of us to enjoy the fruits of these labors. At 40+ we are dealing with the American Reality retiring is a luxury that many of us will never enjoy. Until now.

THE 40+ And Living Well is a blueprint to sustained health and wealth. Its helps you get healthy while simultaneously making you wealthy. For the first time in almost a century, we are in jeopardy of living with less and leaving less to our families than the generation before us. We have the power to not only create a legacy, but to live it right now!

THE 40+ And Living Well is a viable option to the current plight of the American healthcare system and bleak economy. Only $100 of disposable or redirected income allows us to achieve better health while preparing us and perpetuating us through retirement financially. THE 40+ And Living Well will not only transform your life, but the lives of others around you.

Courtesy of Kenny and Chante Lloyd Plantinum Presidents Ardyss International



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5 Superfruits Pack A Nutritional Punch

Five powerful superfruits shows that health and wellness isn’t simply skin-deep.

“The combination of these juices leverages their synergic action in your body to the fullest, slowing your body’s cells’ aging process” Díaz de León says. Aging and damage of cells and tissues is a cause of major degenerative diseases.

With a nutritional supplement like Le´Vive, people can get what their bodies need, no matter how busy their schedules are. Le´Vive’s delicious and 5 superfruit combination packs a nutritional punch.

The juice may:

  • Help to neutralize free radicals, which cause aging
  • Increase energy and strength
  • Help you to maintain good health

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