Safety And Security

Safety Tips For Seniors


Criminals often regard seniors as easy targets for many kinds of crimes. It is important to be aware of these crimes and to learn how to prevent them.  Watch out for Con Artists and Con Games.

Some safety tips for seniors

Always walk in well-lit areas… walking with a companion is safer.

Walk with confidence and be aware of your surroundings-look for the Block Parent Sign!

Carry identification with you at all times.

Keep your doors locked at all times.

Never display large sums of money in public.

Report all suspicious activity to the police.

Never open your door to strangers until you are satisfied with their identity and the purpose of their visit.

Get to know your neighbors


At home

Always keep your doors and windows locked.  Install dead-bolt locks in all doors.

Keep your home well lit at night inside and out, and keep your curtains closed at night.

Install a peephole in your front door so you can see callers without opening the door.

Ask for proper identification and the purpose of the visit from delivery people or strangers.

Never let a stranger into your home.  If a stranger asks to use your telephone, offer to place the call for him.

Never give out information over the phone indicating that you are home alone or detailing when you will not be home.

Hide your keys in a place that is not conspicuous.

Install a wide-angle door viewer which permits you to see callers before you open the door.

Out and About

Walk only in well-lit areas.

Do not burden yourself with packages or a bulky purse.

Never display large sums of money in public.

Walk near curbs and away from alleys and doorways.

Avoid walking alone at night.

 In the Car

Always lock your car immediately on entering or leaving it.

If a stranger stops to offer help, do not get out of your car.  Ask the stranger to call a service truck for you.

If you suspect someone is following you, drive to the nearest public place (gas station, all-night restaurant) and blow your horn.

Park in well lit areas.

When you return to your car, always check the front and back seat before you get in.

Never pick up hitchhikers.

Avoid driving and parking in isolated areas.

Keep your gas tank full and your engine properly maintained to avoid breakdowns. If you have car trouble, raise the hood, lock yourself in and wait for the police.

Financial Information

Do not discuss your finances with strangers.