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Senior citizens are often unfamiliar with all of the senior services that are available to them. For many, the idea of recreational activities for the elderly focuses primarily upon those who reside in retirement homes.

 However, many elderly are happy to discover that there is an abundance of recreational activities in their area. Sometimes, the hardest part of getting involved is just getting started. The following tips will point you in the right direction as you begin a search for recreational activities for the elderly.

 Recreation Centers РMany seniors mistakenly believe that local recreation centers cater only to the young. Team sports and clubs are the core function of community centers, but many centers offer activities for senior citizens as well. Call or visit your local recreation center to find out what they have to offer. Invite a friend to go with you, too!

Senior Centers – If you haven’t checked out your local senior center, what are you waiting for? Senior centers typically organize and manage a variety of recreational activities for the elderly, including arts and crafts, cultural activities, exercise programs, and even day trips to other places in your area.

Church Groups – Today, most churches recognize the need to cater to the social aspect of their members, and many congregations have active senior citizens’ groups. These groups go out to dinner, meet at each other’s homes, plan fun outings, and just enjoy fellowship together. If your church doesn’t have a senior citizens’ group, talk to a couple of your friends, the elders and/or deacons of your church, and other interested parties to see if you can get one started.


Sometimes, senior citizens are hesitant to involve themselves in group activities for a variety of reasons. They may not be comfortable meeting new people or learning a new hobby. Sometimes, the elderly just simply need to be needed. What better way to meet this need than to participate in a volunteer program? There are many areas in your community that need the services and talents that you have to offer.

 Schools РThe Foster Grandparent Volunteer Association and the Grandparents Association offer the elderly an opportunity to give back to the community by serving as volunteers in local schools. Volunteers work as aids to the teachers, coordinating school parties, working with disabled children, and providing love and support to school children. For many of these children, this may be the only contact they have with senior citizens, and these volunteer organizations are blessings for everyone involved.

Community Centers – Many community centers offer after-school care and summer programs. These organizations are typically in desperate need of volunteers who are willing to devote their time to youngsters in need of love and guidance. Check with your local community center for information.

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