Boomers Social and Recreation

Social and Recreational

  • ¬†Boomers need to interact with boomers and other people and to further skills
  • This category of needs and is affected by transportation, accessibility and housing circumstances. Experts agree that a lack of recreational activities can lead to declining physical health, and a lack of social activities can lead to isolation and declining mental health.
  • Many outlets for social and recreational include formal recreation centres as well as identified gathering points such as libraries, community centres and legion halls.
  • Faith-based organizations, particularly the traditional churches, have high concentrations of boomers active in committees and events.
  • Boomers in retirement homes and long-term care homes have access to in-house social and recreational programming but often drop their ties to community recreation when they enter a long-term care home.
  • Many boomers have a low level of knowledge about the full range of social and recreational options that are in fact available to them.

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