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(CNN) — Aimee Katz Zipkin, the mother of a 3-year-old girl with a severe peanut allergy, has been too afraid to get on an airplane with her daughter, worried that passengers enjoying the snacks could endanger the child.

“If you so desire, take a bath in peanuts,” she said, “but if you’re 30,000 feet up and someone has an allergic reaction, then the plane is going to have to go into emergency landing in God knows where, so why would you want to take that risk?”

The U.S. Department of Transportation‘s recent proposals for improving air travel include the possibility of banning packets of peanuts to accommodate those allergic to the nuts.

“The Air Carrier Access Act prohibits discrimination by U.S. and foreign air carriers against individuals with disabilities,” the proposal reads. “Airline passengers with severe allergies to peanuts have a qualifying disability.”

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